Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lost pics from May

A few shots from last month, that didn't make the cut. Pretty much random shots, check it out:

Mr.Madsen standing on top of a (road?)gap in a German bikepark. What we didn't really get was how to ride it..
(click to enlarge) see, the run-in was short and awkward, and you where supposed to air it riiiight into the outlined green zone where the transition began... We failed every single time *facepalm*
(click to enlarge)

Hitting it, and slamming into the red-zone... gah
(click to enlarge)

I now officially hate my E13 wheels, and here's why;

-They are soft.
-Making them tubeless is a fucking pain in the ass, for several reasons.
-The bead-hooks are too small.
-E13 has still not released their Tubeless conversion kit.
-Louder than a truck filled with hungry babies.

I gave them a good amount a gorilla tape, filled it with stans..and somehow these wheels still fucked up. Never had any problems with my Mavics.
E13 <  Mavic.
(click to enlarge)

Oh did I mention that I made a huge dent in the rear wheel? So much that future attempts on a tubeless setup is futile.
(click to enlarge)

Mr.Madsen inspecting the dirt of Schulenberg bikepark on his back.
(click to enlarge)

Table hitting
(click to enlarge)

Oh Germany, this might not be gourmet, but you charm me everytime with your food anyway < 3 

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