Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Malente 2015 Part 1/2

The return to Malente. I wrote about this place HERE, so check that out if the name Malente doesn't ring a bell.

Anyway, we had 2 great days of pushbike here, I had my cam and shot some pics, check it out;

This is a small forest with some pushbike lines. No longer than a minute of descend at most. 3 lines that we are aware of, but there is a good amount of interlacing, so you could almost say there is about 6-7 lines in total. Some of it in mint condition, some of it in poor. Most of it was good tho'.

Henning chasing Jan.
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Hitting one of the bigger drops, at the very top. Its about 2 meters (7feet), and you better hit it fast enough, there is a hole right below that has to be passed. I'm on my DH bike, and I almost forgot how amazing that BOS Idylle Air fork feels...oh my!
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Henning going for it on a table.
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Jan inspects a stepdown, its one of those features that required speed, but not too much speed..
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..And hits it. Jan was showing great form these two days.
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Inspecting the doubles. Line choices are plentifull.
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Stay tuned for more.

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