Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best and Worst of 2014

Thought i'd do a roundup of whats good and bad from 2014. I did it last year, and the year before it, so its time for a new list. So, whats the WORST and BEST stuff of 2014 according to this blog - well lets take a look:

The Best (in random order):

Why the hell did I wait so long to go tubeless? Running sub 2-bar pressures feels awesome, and has actually changed the way I ride. Strap those tires on, squirt in some sealant, and get going.

In Better shape
I grinded the hell out of my trails to get in a better shape for my Alps trip. And it payed of in the end. But the best training was actually the trip itself. The shape I got out of it was very satisfying; the following month after my return from the Alps, riding my bike was like switching on an engine..the legs just kept going, with very little effort. Incredibly satisfying, and I hope to regain this strength once again for the following summer.

The Alps
..Speaking of the Alps. What an awesome place to ride! Amazing trails, lifts everywhere, bikeparks and mind-blowing vistas. This place was beyond my expectation, and I would happily revisit.

Honorable Mention:
Redbull Hardline. Is it freeride, or is it downhill? I guess its both! The concept is awesome, it pushes the sport forward, and I would love to see it get bigger for next year. Check it out here.

The Worst (in random order):

A new new new standard
We need to take a collective stance against >even< more new industry standards, more standards will not benefit you and me as a consumer, so here goes;

In case you missed it, Trek is going full-retard and just introduced a new rear axle standard, the Boost 148. Oh Trek, why do you do this? A new rear axle standard to solve a problem that doesn't exist?

"Feel more confident!" - the promotion video says. Yearh, go fuck yourself with a dirty toilet brush, and go suck a truckers dirty dick on the German highway, that will "boost your confidence!"

(well the Giant overdrive2 system was such a huuuge succes, so why not?)

Trail design
Copy & and paste from last year: 
I don't know where you ride, perhaps you are lucky, and have some sweet trails to ride, designed by some passionate mountain bikers. I'm afraid that I'm not in such situation. I continue to see poor use of terrain, features that are badly executed, a lack of continuity, and overall ill design. The quality of the official trails in the country I live in, is mind bugling poor, and there are no excuses for it to be this way. A thick fog of conservatism has corrupted the official trail building scene, and pretty much nobody does anything about it - because nobody really questions it. This picture wraps it up nicely:

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