Sunday, October 5, 2014

The French Alps Part 1/5

I had a week of riding in the french alps. To sum it up, it went something like this:

6 days
Some 250km (155mi) of riding
1 million positive meters
1 trillion negative meters
And 10 million beers.
(add some sore ribs, some questionable dancing, and an insulted French guide)

The French Alps. Ridiculously beautiful. Mont Blanc is just to the right of this pic.
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Drea, Jakob, John, Peter, Morten and Nico (guide) taking a break, and sucking in the alpy air.
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Nico, our guide for 6 days. 36 years, and faster and stronger than anything/anyone I've seen at this age. Mad props. I guess that's what you get when you do this stuff for a living. He was sitting on a Trek Remedy, 26inch wheels, and platform pedals, I immediately related to his setup, as I was otherwise surrounded by click-pedals and 650b+ wheels ; )
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Before I get into the quality of the actual trails, let me show you guys what we had to work with;
This pictures sums it up how the trails looked inside the forests. mostly hardpack, with lots and lots of pointy rocks sticking up (add roots) Oh, btw, yes that's cum on the lens.
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Open areas was a whole different thing. Suck it in, and enjoy it.
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So I guess this is some sort of brief introduction, stick around as I go a bit more in-depth.

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