Friday, September 12, 2014

Pay to Win (Part 1/2)

You are welcome to ride this trail - If you pay 17$ (13 euro) for a day. This is the premise on this particular trail. Its a private forrest, where loads of time, blood and sweat (and money) has been invested to materialize the best possible mtb trail. The trail is 20km (12mi), a northern part(10k), and a southern part(10k). Northern part is where the action is, so that's what I cover in this post. 

But is this monetary solution better? Does this place push things forward? Is it pay to win? I went there with my buddy Jan, and we had a whole day of riding(and beer), here are my thoughts and observations;

Private means building-freedom. This place was a clear evidence of that. While most of it was easy to ride, there where some good challenges to battle as well. And no, the skull is still not justified imo.
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Berms, oh how I love berms. This place had lots of berms. Some berms where small, oddly shaped and where falling apart, some where in mint condition, with a perfect shape, that left you with a childish grin, this is one example;
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Drops with gaps, are as rare as a unicorn on official trails. This place had a handfull in a particular technical area. Might not look big, but keep in mind that this is a XC-trail. Beware the mind-fuck.
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This creek-gap was entertaining. What made it challenging was actually the rockgarden just before it. You had to fight to keep the speed momentum to clear it. This made the run-in...interesting. We both gapped it a few times tho' and had a good laugh : )
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Trail line marked. Dont go nose-heavy.
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Stepdown with a gap. Boy was this line fun.

Stay tuned for more.

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