Sunday, May 4, 2014

I suck at XC because..

..I get easily distracted.

So I was out with Henning on a XC course near a larger city. Its a popular line that has seen some recent revisions and "improvements". Turns out it was the usual; build-without-thinking approach.


we rode the line, and all of a sudden we spot something right next to the XC line...a potential mini-roadgap! So after some inspection, a few beers, and some discreet digging, we had ourself a fine little jump, about 1,2m tall, and 3,5m out, into a transition. Turns out this..XC, is ok afterall ; )

Henning inspects the kicker-potential. The outlining below shows the edge, road, and transition.

Another angle.

Hitting it.

I have a go as well. Click to enlarge.

It might be a small jump, but it sure was a fun diversion, when the original premise of this day was XC.


  1. Nice.... a little higher and it looks like to be smooth.
    Near me?

  2. Thanks, some 100k below you ; )