Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All Mountain Road Trip - Day 3/3

Third day went to Thale and its deep canyons. There are no actual classic mtb trails here, there are however some really nice hiking trails, and a single lift assisted DH line, more on that later. 

We decided to start of with a 20km long hiking trail, full of rocks, a few technical chokepoints, and a flow that's surprisingly good. A true gem.

High canyon walls hide the mtb line *ahem* I meant the hiking line..
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Go up and down, bring a dropper post, a tubeless setup, and enjoy.
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Drea inspecting a chokepoint, looks easy eh? You'd be surprised.

Pointy rocks everywhere! This one took a bite of Drea's blue frame. Don't mention his front ring....
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A real old-school joy to hit stairs again : )

Our wildcard this day was a visit to a acknowledged ISX DH line in Thale. We where really surprised by how polished and fun this line was. No its not Whistler quality, but it was pretty damn good. Fast, jumps, drops in various sizes, and a flow that's usually not seen i the Harz area. A shame that we dont have any footage of this line. So I present this google-image instead;

So that concludes our trip. Sun, beers, technical stuff and two bikeparks, what more would you want? Good times.


  1. Great writeup and great pictures! I really hope I have time this summer to hit Harz.

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it : )