Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Random Stuff

Random stuff. Pedals, jumps, anthills, and fallen trees.

After my Predator pedal fail, I've dusted off the Crampon Mag, and decided to give it a go again. One of my gripes was the lack of grip (compared to the predator), so what I did now was to remove 3 pins on each side (a total of 12 pins) to allow more weight-per-pin. Initial impressions a cautiously optimistic. Stay tuned.
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Testing 2 new jumps. 

I thought I've seen some pretty big anthills, but this one rises above the rest with its 1.7m (5.5 feet) height.
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Christian dropping in, with some goodly light behind him : )
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Mr Madsen in action.
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A massive storm has re-decorated the forests around here. Pretty much every single line has been impacted to some degree. Try riding this trail path..
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Another new jump undergoing some testing, the kicker (not visible) is long and steeeeep. Stay tuned..

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