Monday, November 4, 2013

Tree-gap session

As mentioned a few months ago, the tree gap got hit with success. Its big, and its fun. But its been very quiet around it ever since, no one dares to hit it. NO-ONE. 

That actually makes me wonder; is the limit for feature-size reached among the local riders? Is the tree-gap too big?

I would say NO, and here are my two reasons; first of, bigger stuff fuels progression, secondly, its all about taming the mind-fuck, de-wirering the neurons is "all" it takes.

Its not THAT big. Just be sure to pass the tree. 3,6m(11ft) to clear the tree, then an additional 2,4m (7ft) to hit the transition. I bet alot of the readers of this blog hit stuff that are way bigger.

So no one dares to hit this feature, well, that was until Drea joined up for a day of trail ripping:
(58 sec, with sound)

Good times : )