Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Status of my Cane Creek Double Barrel Air - and why I wont review it.

It all started so good. An amazing performance, a massive amount of adjustments, and an unquestionable positive reputation. Cane Creek Double Barrel Air - whats not to like?

Then the problems began.

The first fail came after less than 2 months of riding, the LS-rebound stopped working, and the compression was odd. "A freak fail"- I thought to myself. The shock got sent back to TF-tuned, and they fixed it - "emulsified oil" - was the initial TF-Tuned conclusion. 

The second fail came a month later. The shock made a loud *POP* sound during a session, and all of the sudden, all rebound was gone. FACEPALM. Back to TF-tuned with the shock. No theory was given this time. Got the shock back.

Third fail came after a month of additional use. LS-compression was off, and the shock made a *clunk*-sound 30% into its travel when in use. 2 things to say about that fail; I was no longer surprised. Secondly, enough was enough, the Double Barrel Air had to go. I want my gear to function - just like you do.

I contacted TF-Tuned, and told them that I wanted a refund. The TF-tuned guys are awesome, a full refund was given, and they even offered me a Ti-coil version of the CCDB in exchange. They got in touch with Cane Creek about the issues I have ran into. Cane Creek didn't have any theory, nor did TF-Tuned, as to why my shock kept failing. I checked my frame for any misalignment - there was none. I didn't have this problem with the other shocks I had. This leaves me clueless as to why this shock kept failing. 

I did some research on the internetzz, and no-one has had the same issues as I. Pretty much every user talks about reliability - a completely different story than I can present.

So I decided not to review this shock (it would be torn to pieces, due to the reliability issues anyway). I'm under the impression that I got some freak-issue-monday-version, or something like that, and I don't want to pass a review-judgement on that premise. This is where it ends for me and the CCDBA. 

Oh... a new high-tech shock is already installed btw... stick around... ; )


  1. you are a really unlucky person.
    I have my CCDB air since September and not a single issue with the shock.

  2. Ya, I kinda feel that way too : /

  3. Why didn't you try to ask tf tunned to send a new ccdb air?

  4. I didn't no, maybe I should have. I don't know, I was kinda fed up with the CCDBA to be honest ; )

  5. I understand your frustration.
    If it as with me I would probably do the same thing.

  6. I'm thinking about revisiting the CCDBA in a year or so for my DH rig. I dunno. For now, I'm enjoying my Vivid Air.

  7. did you considered a bos shock?

  8. I do that all the time, would love to try the BOS Void, but the lack of service support holds me back : /

  9. Two failures in six months. Both of the 'thud' variety.