Friday, March 15, 2013

Small update

Small update on whats been going on lately. Some whine this time.

So my Cane Creek Double Barrel had a meltdown, as some of you know. I gotta say, I'm disappointed, after just a month+ of testing, really?
Ian from TF Tuned wrote to me that "It sounds like your shock has got emulsified oil" I wonder how it got emulsified in the first place? I think that the (re)serviced shock should be in my hands again within 2 weeks. I should have a review ready for you guys in May, score will reflect reliability as well. And you know that I like my reliability served cold.

So while the DB Air is being serviced. I slapped on my RockShox VIVID R2C. Great performance, fun to use, and RELIABLE. I do suffer a bit on the climbs tho'.

So while I do go a bit apeshit on my CaneCreek fail, its nothing compared to the current weather situation. Its downright depressing! I heard one news station call it Winter-March. Man this suck big time, we had such a sweet thing going for us in the beginning of march, with great weather, trailgaps, and all round good times. Whyy??

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