Wednesday, July 11, 2012

90 seconds in Schulenberg


Im going to start off with a 90 sec vid from the german bikepark Schulenberg. We had the pleasure to ride this place on THIS trip. Schulenberg bikepark is a true "for riders by riders" place. It had a nice chill out vibe to it, and the DH trail was a true joy to ride. The bikepark builders and designers and owners mingled between the bike-park guests, totally down to earth.

Perhaps the only negatives I could put my finger on is the lack of trails; there was a DH line, and a FR line, and that's pretty much it. There was also a lack of really big stuff (drops/jumps), we where hitting the roadgaps within hours of our arrival, one day more of riding and we would be riding it all im sure (and we do not consider our self as big-hitters).

Overall, this place rocked, the DH line was effin great, steep, techy, and most importantly; it was fun!

Watch the HD version HERE.


  1. Nice. looking forward to a slowmo vid.

  2. Thanks, the slow-mo vid is going to rock.

  3. What elbow guards do you have (use most, would sugest)?

  4. Im on a pair from 661, the "Comp Elbow", check it out here:

    I like them alot, comfortable, and they offer good protection as well.

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