Saturday, January 15, 2011

Most WANTED gear of 2011

2010 was a good year gear wise. There was alot of new stuff for mountain bikers to get excited about, and 2011 is no different. I took a look at  whats interesting for 2011, and why you should keep an eye on it.

RockShox - Monarch RT3 2011
Why its hot: Because the suspension tuning experts at PUSH said this when asked about the otherwise king of airshocks; the FOX RP23: "We do prefer the Monarch air (RT3 - ed) shock. We are not a "dealer", nor do we give advice to a customer that isn't in their best interest. I'll let our reputation speak for itself on that one." - thats not small words from the leading shock experts.

FOX -  DOSS (Adjustable seatpost)
Why its hot: FOX are masters of reliability, and are big players because of that. This could well be the very much needed reliability injection that the adjustable seat-post market needs. FOX are also known to do light weight stuff, and since this post is mechanically activated, it might come out pretty lightweight if FOX does its job right. Reliable and lightweight, that's a winning formula for this market, that sofar, no one has archived yet.
The only bad thing right now is that we might have to wait for 2012 for this post to ship.
Prototype pic:

RockShox - Lyrik RC2 DH
Why its hot: RockShox has been stepping up its game the last year, and that's evident by its 2011 product range. The Lyrik RC2 DH is all about performance, and RockShox has admitted that the former floodgate option had some drawbacks regarding small bump performance. So it got ripped out for the RC2DH to  improve trail response, and overall damping quality. The solo-air performance is tamed by adjustable high/low speed compression, and a beginning and end-stroke rebound (end stroke is factory set). The latter is very interesting to me as a rider, as I really like fast rebound for techy stuff but dislike the fast rebound for drops and jumps. Having a fork that takes care of both things sounds greatly appreciated. This fork might be the ticket to perfect AM front suspension.  

Troy Lee Design - Shock Doctor Chest Protector CP 5955
Why its hot: Its the newest generation of bodyarmor and it centers around the Leatt Brace. 2 years in development, this bodyarmor lets your merge the brace with the bodyarmor itself, by "clicking" to brace into it. With more than 50 size configurations, and focus on cooling the rider via vents, this armor is out to make a stand.

Unofficial pic showing a prototype, with the Leatt Brace inserted:

Canfield Brothers - 2011 ONE
Why its hot: Most major bike brands talk about a true do-it-all bike - none have delivered if you ask me. Canfield Brothers might just be on to something. Featuring a parallel link suspension system (think virtual pivot), the ability to use 2 different shock sizes, and a total of 4 different travel settings (165mm-203mm (6.5"-8")), a thru' rear axle, a Cane Creek AngleSet compatible 1.5" headtube..oh and did I mention its build up to be dual-crown compatible? Oh yes, complete with a 64 degree head angle. This frame has the potential to be build for the All Mountain rider, but converted to a true DH slaying machine simply by changing the fork and shock. Im crossing my fingers that the Canfield Brothers actually pull this off.
Early prototype pic:

So that's about it, expect to see reviews of some of these products during 2011 right here on All Mountain Next. Got something to add? or something on your mind? well put your thoughts to writing in the comments section, it does not require a sign in.


  1. Really would like to read Monarch RT3 2011 review!

  2. Stick around then, I got one on order : )