Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: SuperStar Components CNC Nano Tech pedals 2011

Superstar Components are rapidly growing, the reason they do so is that they rebrand existing products, and sell them at a lower price due to the fact that there is no middleman. Its an old trick, but its still a smart way of keeping the cost down. I gave it a shot with a pair of pedals.

One of the things they put their sticker on is the CNC Nano Tech pedal. Big and tough, yes. Heavy, with poor grip, yes to that one as well im afraid.
It does have a satisfying big platform, and there where no reliability issues in the 4 months period I have been testing this pedal. But heres the thing; I want my feet to be sticking to the pedals as much as possible, while still giving me the freedom to move my feet should I need it. Problem is that these pedals have such poor grip that you'll be using energy/concentration just to keep you feet on these things. Unacceptable. They where just barely usable for AM, but when used for DH the pedals just couldn't keep up with the grip, and I found myself to be "bounced off" several times. This pedal-behavior spawned some unwanted situations, and in the end; a slower speed.

Quite heavy
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In desperation I tried to sharpen up the pins. It still didn't do the job. Pins are simply too fat and short. 
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The good:
-Reasonably priced
-Satisfying big

The bad:
-Poor grip

Score: 1/6

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