Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review: Superstar Components Mag Lite CNC - Magnesium body + Titanium axle

Superstar Components launched these pedals in mid 2009, using the same design as Nuke Proof. When I first got them I was amazed by its low weight, sub 300 gram platform pedals are something else. I ended up using these pedals for everything, and I wasn't gentle - why should I be? 6 months of beating turned out to have a price tho'.
So before going into much more details on the failure itself, let me quickly take you through the good stuff:
Besides being very thin, these pedals have pins that are very easy to replace and the platform itself is satisfying big (105x100x17mm LxWxD) But the color coating was wearing off fast, so dont expect that fine look to last long.
Everything was going the way I wanted, the pedal was holding up, but then one day it snapped during a climb! I send in the broken pedal to Superstar Components, and they told me that this was the first time they saw a failure like this. After a little month I got my replacement pedals on warranty. Never installed them again tho' and in the end, I just cannot recommend a product that ultimately failed.

The good:
-Body can take the hits
-Pins are easy to replace
-Very lighweight
-No bullshit warranty

The Bad:
-Axle had a catastrophic failure

Score: 0/6

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Look forward to the preview of the Point One Racing - Podium pedals..

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  1. The Ti axle is 30% less strong then Cr-Moly axle.